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J-74 is an all purpose concentrated deodorizer scientifically designed to effectively neutralize odour in seconds. One ounce of J-74 has the same power as twelve liters of regular deodorant sprayed. J-74 is very effective in the control of organic odours, smoke, garbage cans, washrooms, etc. The rate of evaporation can be controlled by raising a wick in the bottle Available in 50 ml. bottles
A top quality all purpose liquid butyl cleaner and degreaser. It can be used to clean almost any surface. It will not harm plastic, cloth, paint or vinyl. It contains surfactants, water softeners, active detergent builders and organic solvents. It is effective in cold or hot water, is safe on aluminum and is non-flammable. Available in 20 l pail and 205 l drum.
A concentrated liquid pressure wash detergent designed to be used in power washers with hot or cold water. It contains solvents and emulsifiers for degreasing and loosening of heavy soil deposits and detergents to remove all dirt and road film. This product is safe to use on painted surfaces, metal parts, plastic, concrete and wood. Available in 4 l and 20 l.
HAND CLEANER - The gentle cream liquefies, then lifts embedded grease, grime and stains from pores, safely and without water. The lanolin skin care emollients help heal rough, dry, overused hands. HAND SCRUB - Contains round smooth polyethylene particles, not jagged pumice or sand for extra cleaning action. Available in 15 oz. tubes or 4 1/2 lb. can